Human Animal Conflict Map 2021

Human Animal Conflict Map 2021

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One of a pair of illuminated world maps describing the areas of conflict and coexistence between humans and animals played out around the world.  

Where the statistics can be daunting and overwhelming I hope that a visual account can describe the scale of the task ahead and the the significant and positive steps already taken to better coexist with other species on this planet.

Image size: 800mm x 463mm

Page Size: 841mm x 594mm  (Fits an off the shelf frame). 

Giclee, archival printed on 188gsm PhotoRag

Editioned out of 150





The map includes drawings of specific examples of conflict, the asian elephant competing for space, the wolves being hunted in Norway, the big cats often killed in revenge attacks on cattle, the orcas reported as attacking a sailing ship in the atlantic, and the cougar caught amongst the highways of California.  



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